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The subconscious mind learns in two ways through habits and through hypnosis. Utilizing this Meditation upon waking/sleeping will help reset your autopilot to move from the most powerful force in the universe - LOVE. How different would your life be if you truly knew at the core of your being that you are connected to all that is and have the power to raise consciousness just by the knowledge you are enough right now? 

Bring your mind, body and spirit into harmony by remembering the purity of what you are truly made of...            Pure Love. 

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I work on the whole body: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When one of these is out of alignment the whole body cannot heal. I use many different mind body and spirit methods to ensure the highest good and whole health for each client is attained. My goal for each client is to eventually not need to come see me but every once in a while because they have learned techniques to keep themselves aligned on every level.

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I want clients to perceive me as jumper cables when their battery is low… It is my desire that my clients learn how to heal themselves.​

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